What are the best Desert Safari in Dubai?

What are the best Desert Safari in Dubai?

What are the best Desert Safari in Dubai? Deals Includes

What are the best Desert Safari in Dubai? Deals Schedule

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  • Under 3 Years Are Absolutely Free
  • Dress Code : Casual No Restrictions
  • Keep Yourself Hydrate To Feel Energized While The Tour

What are the best Desert Safari in Dubai?

Looking for some enjoyment and high spirits in Dubai, the first thing that ticks to the mind is the Dubai Desert Safari, it is bound to be on the top of your directory for things to do in UAE, Dubai. It’s such a thrilling and electrifying experience to never miss. Well it is also known as Dune Bashing, because it is where the land cruiser speeds up and down the tall sand dunes. It’s really a very bumpy and crazy ride. But obviously if you’re visiting Dubai, you’ll definitely want to do a lot more than just shopping or eating in the malls. Wondering what the hype is about? Worry no more, this write-up will grasp you on an illustrative ride about the desert safari and assist you to recognize why this is one of the top Dubai visitors’ magnetism.


Dubai Desert Safari Exploration

Now after opting desert safari for making the fun, the most first question arises in mind is “which is the best desert safari Dubai”. So there you have it the categories of the Desert Safari tours:

  1. Morning Desert Safari: In this tour, adventure desert safari is of around 20 minutes with stimulating dune bashing along with the electrifying camp journey where you may be entertained by quad biking, camel riding and even sand skiing too. It is basically a good choice only for those who are not interested in dinner and camping fun.


  1. Evening Desert Safari: This is a must-do campaigning for making it as a lifelong impression. If you want to explore actual Dubai in the terms of fun and excitement then never miss this evening Dubai safari tour. It fundamentally starts from noon time, they leave you to take rest at the first landing place which will be near a camel farm. Then get a possibility to exposure to the sunset in the waves of desert by enjoying the camel ride and sandboarding both. You may undertake a charming henna design on your hands and feet as well (depends on your choice). After a crazy door of this outdoor fun and adventure, pamper yourself in a frame of mind to celebrate with the yummy grilled barbecue and shisha around a campfire along with watching tanoura performers dance, their traditional folk dance as well as a belly dancer performance view on the Arabic music just right at the campsite.


  1. Overnight Desert Safari: This is the time for traverse the Arabian desert under the night sky conversely everyone is relieving in their camp. At this time also you may try out the henna designs on your hands, traditional costumes, and yeah camel rides too. Succeeding the full dinner, may sit alone to sense the sound of wind noticeable to sand in the peaceful night. If you love to dance then watch a few steps of the belly dance performers and then you may also join them. Relish the dune bashing and sand skiing both but do not fail to remember to lay hold of the sleeping bags and blankets both for your night stay.


  1. Air Balloon Desert Safari: It is the just extremity which furnish tourists a bird’s eye vision of the desert. In this safari approximate 24 people accommodate with the professional pilot who operate the balloon and a lead who dispense the tales about the antiquity of Dubai and even it’s current amazements. As you’ll start visiting up higher, you’ll start enjoying the spectacular vision and even you’ll start capturing the pictures of the dunes. Moreover, there comes a pulse when tourists are taken to the ground to traverse other desert activities.

We have several Desert Safari packages for the evening safari tour such as Basic, Advanced, Silver, and Golden. You can quickly check all details about the evening desert safari tour and book evening tour package according to own choice and budget. For more information, then visit our official website and explore our best tour package.